Rules For Life – Part 2

An Idea that I fell in love with many years ago as a student of martial arts was the concept of grace rather than force. It is one of those things that is amazingly simple once you get it, though it might take bit to get there, definitely a hard-easy concept, but well worth the effort in the long run.

In a military sort of way, force could be considered putting the largest number of people and tanks onto the field at the greatest possible expense, in the form of lives and dollars. Grace is a single bullet at the right moment in time to kill the enemy leader. That is the violent description how ever this approach can be used in every aspect of life. It is about looking for and developing the mindset of finding the elegant solution to situations. It is effective and extremely time and resource efficient. It requires the ability to develop empathy, for whatever the task at hand. It is one of the cornerstones of the subject of mastery. To put it another way there is no mastery of any subject without.

This is regardless of the subject, relationships, psychotherapy, business, wealth creation and happiness. One of the most amazing benefits of grace is that the small can overcome the mighty, size, strength, position and power all become irrelevant. This is why I love NLP it is the pinnacle of grace and the most effect way I know of teaching the subject.

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