Today is the day

Have you ever said that? Today is the day that things change! Said, with tremendous conviction, driven by a belly full of frustration at things just not working out the way you had dreamed they would.

Do you look at people on TV and go wow their life is so great, and they seem to have it all together, money, fame and power? This is very common, yet highly successful individuals all share a common skill. They dream, that is the easy bit that we can all do. Then they plan, planning is less popular. Then they do or take action. Next, they keep doing; this is even rarer still. Then finally, they will change their behaviour to suit the environment. This is the rarest commodity of all. This pattern is the simple formula for success. Simple yet to many it is an impossibility.

There are many reasons as to why it is such a challenge, but what it really comes back to is the alignment of values with goals. Reducing goals down into bite-size activities is the next step. These minuscule actions then have to be installed into your unconscious mind. The easiest way of doing that is to do the smallest task daily, you could say religiously. Rain hail or storm you do the simple task, over and over again till it is just second nature.

As a result; you become the actions the actions become you. It is a little like learning how to walk. In the beginning, it is challenging, after a bit you can do it. In no time at all, you are walking without even thinking about it. This process works regardless of the type of goal you have set yourself. Again if it is so simple why isn’t everyone doing it? The reason is neural inertia, a person’s history of beliefs and habits can pull you in other directions. That is why it needs to be done daily, every time you do the action it becomes just that little bit stronger. A behaviour done once is like a little twig, easily broken. Thought or action that is repeated a thousand times is unbreakable. It is also unconscious, and this is the beginning of the concept of mastery.

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